Vincent Greco earned a BFA in graphic design from Maine College of Art. He has freelance experience in branding and web design. Since his youth he has lived by the mentality of quality over quantity. Years of experience working in a family-owned catering business have taught him how to work hard and fast, especially under pressure.

Important to his design process is a careful consideration of the history of visual communication as well as a deep understanding of relevant philosophical concepts. This deep, penetrating interest was a result of his displacement from a rust-belt city to its suburbs at a young age. Surrounded by the ennui of the “American dream,” he turned to critical theory and philosophy to help inform his practice as a communicator, as a designer, and as a citizen.

He is constantly working to convince himself that design can be a tool which bridges the social aspects of cultural production to the poetics of personal creation. His dream is to find the many roads which lead to this bridge and teach others the way.